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Dynavolt Technology and State Grid Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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Update time : 2020-08-10 13:08:11
On July 1, Dynavolt Technology and State Grid Energy signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will actively explore new business models based on the goal of close cooperation and coordinated development, based on energy storage full-quality value chain cooperation, and Energy storage equipment manufacturing, energy storage power stations, integrated energy management, new energy, new infrastructure, and multi-energy complementary integrated energy are the key areas of cooperation, focusing on technical solutions, quality and assurance, operation and maintenance services, business model cooperation, and technological innovation. Carrier, continue to increase cooperation, and comprehensively carry out strategic cooperation. The specific cooperation content is as follows:
1. Carry out project cooperation on energy storage equipment manufacturing, and jointly build a full industrial chain + supply chain platform base for energy storage equipment manufacturing.
2. Carry out cooperation in the field of energy storage power stations. To jointly carry out energy storage power station construction cooperation, it can adopt various modes such as investment construction, contract energy management, EPC, product guarantee supply, energy storage application solutions, and technology and engineering project services.
3. Carry out cooperation in the field of integrated energy management. Jointly promote the cooperation and development of projects such as the overall integrated energy management service + 5G + new infrastructure of the industrial park. Relying on new technologies and new materials, the two parties can implement comprehensive energy management service cooperation in construction and other fields in Xinjiang, and further expand the cooperation space and fields.  
4. Carry out cooperation in the field of new energy. Taking the opportunity of the 220 junction station construction project in Jimsar County that both parties are currently cooperating with, continue to carry out plant and station investment and engineering construction in the integrated industry project of wind, kerosene, oil storage and multi-energy complementary development and construction by Party B. As the main content of cooperation, continue to expand the results of strategic cooperation.  
5. Carry out cooperation in the field of new infrastructure construction. In accordance with Party B’s strategic development layout in Xinjiang, the two parties will carry out cooperation in the field of integrated solar-storage charging pile projects with charging piles + 5G, and carry out the construction and operation of charging, power exchange + energy storage, and combining the actual development of specific projects. Cooperation.  
6. Carry out cooperation in the field of multi-energy complementary and integrated energy. The two parties jointly develop and construct multi-energy complementary and integrated energy management projects such as smart micro-grids and local area networks.
7. Establish a joint venture company to carry out comprehensive cooperation. The two parties established a joint venture company, based in Xinjiang, facing the national and foreign new energy markets, and comprehensively carrying out joint construction cooperation.

The high-quality projects determined by the two parties will be jointly developed and constructed and incorporated into the joint venture company. Based on the principles of equality and respect, complementary advantages, and common development, the two parties will actively implement the cooperation goals of "innovation, cleanness, and coordination", give full play to their advantages and characteristics in their respective fields, and jointly promote the development of the two parties' undertakings, and create "complementary advantages and mutual benefit." "Win-win, value sharing and sustainable growth" strategic partnership.