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Dynavolt Technology won Four awards in the "2020 China International Optical Storage & Charging Conference"

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Author : Erik
Update time : 2020-08-08 14:05:00

On July 31, sponsored by the East China Energy Storage Leaders Alliance (EESA), State Grid Integrated Energy Service Group Co., Ltd., State Grid Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., State Grid Xuji Group Co., Ltd., State Grid Nari Group Co., Ltd., The "2020 7th China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference" jointly hosted by State Grid Shandong Electric Group Co., Ltd. and other authoritative organizations officially opened at the Kempinski Hotel in Suzhou Jinji Lake. Chairman Chen Lewu of Mengshi Technology attended the conference and discussed the development plan of the energy storage industry with domestic and foreign industry experts.

The conference adopts the form of "meeting" + "exhibition" to conduct discussions and exchanges on topics of high interest, providing a world-leading communication platform for enterprises in the industry. At the same time, leaders of relevant government departments, policy decision-making institutions, well-known academicians, experts and scholars in the field of energy storage at home and abroad, State Grid Southern Power Grid, five major and four small power generation groups, and other central power enterprises, local investment state-owned and private enterprises, EPC general contractors, and system integration Suppliers, upstream and downstream equipment manufacturers, consulting companies, universities and colleges have conducted comprehensive analysis and discussions on policy development, technological innovation, market hotspots, application practices, etc. of the energy storage industry, focusing on the display of energy storage in new energy applications, Innovative solutions in the fields of emergency power supply, intelligent software development, 5G communications, electric vehicle charging and replacement and supporting equipment, energy-saving and integrated energy service equipment, smart energy construction and supporting equipment, etc., promote the all-round development of the energy storage industry.

At the annual awards ceremony of the optical storage and charging industry held at the same time as the conference, Mengshi Technology won the "2020 Most Influential Enterprise Award" and "2020 Best System Integration Solution Supplier" for its outstanding performance in energy storage business. Award” and “2020 Best Integrated Solution Supplier Award for Optical Storage and Charge”. Chairman Chen Lewu of Mengshi Technology won the “Ingenuity Award for Energy Storage Industry in 2020” and became a veritable big winner.