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Brief Report on China Eastern Business talent Competition (Suzhou Dynavolt)

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Update time : 2018-11-22 12:52:34
Strength witness: Success road of Suzhou Dynavolt      (from zero to one)
          ——Brief Report on China Eastern Business talent Competition (Suzhou Dynavolt)
In the afternoon of November 7th, 2018, a large-scale foreign trade business talent Competition organized by Alibaba's Suzhou headquarters was held at the Junhao Hotel in KunShan. As the top five players in the Kunshan Division, Suzhou Dynavolt has won the competition under the leadership of General Manager Jack Zeng!
The contestants who participated in the finals of the Kunshan Business talent Competition include the operational masters who have participated in many competitions from large enterprises, the industrialists who are successful because hard work, and the young "second generation" of the famous plant. So for the first time to compete with so many outstanding enterpriser, Mr. Jack Zeng represented Suzhou Dynavolt to win the competitions is very difficult.
The game begun in a tense atmosphere, and Mr. Zeng as the second contestant gave a speech with high-spirited. With many years of experience on the stage and industry accumulation, he took over the entire audience.
Mr. Zeng talked about the journey of Alibaba at first, then shared the experience with more than 300 audiences of four core point: 1.Platform construction 2.Explosive product creation 3.Team management 4.Future planning. In the speech, he show the methods and spirit of Dynavolt to do foreign trade.
“The more you share, the more you get.” More than 300 audiences, everyone was inspired and grew up in the total sharing. Four judges also gave Suzhou Dynavolt a high score, and appreciated. Suzhou Dynavolt also got a lot from their exquisite comments.
Five speakers made every effort to show themselves and compete for strength. At four o'clock in the afternoon, the ranking was announced and it is time for awards. When the host took out the scoreboard, the speakers and the audience began to get nervous, hoping that the speaker they supported could achieve good results.
When the beautiful female host, with a smile shouting out: The winner of this talent Competition is~~~ Suzhou Dynavolt Mr. Jack Zeng, the hall filled with great cheering and laughs for a long time.
From zero to one, what is needed is courage and determination, sweat and effort;
The road to success depends on strength and strategy;
 Suzhou Dynavolt win the competition , it is a long way to explore new unknown areas and challenge the new successful road with the leading of Mr. Zeng.
We believe that a bigger stage is waiting for us, and better achievements must be achieved by struggle!
Because believe, then achieve; Suzhou Dynavolt shining soon!
Congratulations again to Jack Zeng, who brought the Suzhou Dynavolt team to the winner in the Alibaba Talent Competition!
Come on, Dynavolt!