What Should You Look for in an Electric Bike on a Budget?
By Dynabike | 06 January 2023 | 0 Comments

What Should You Look for in an Electric Bike on a Budget?


There’s a reason you’re shopping for an electric bike in the first place, and the last thing you want is an e-bike that’s lacking in the oomph department. A 250-watt motor will give you the power you need without being overwhelming or unmanageable. Plus, a removable yet lockable battery provides up to 50 miles on a single charge—offers the most freedom and flexibility.


You want an e-bike that has the ability to go fast enough to get you where you’re going at a decent clip—but not so fast that you’re going to be white-knuckling it. An electric bicycle that can reach a top speed of 20 mph with power assistance gets you where you want to go quickly and safely.

Pedal Assist

The beauty of electric bicycles is the ease they bring to cycling with pedal assist. E-bikes with multiple levels of pedal assist allow you to decide just how hard you want to pedal at any given time. Like an on-call burst of power, pedal assist lets you say to hell with hills when you don’t feel like charging up them or just get a little extra boost so you can relax and enjoy rides that are invigorating, not exhausting.


Whenever you’re on the road, safety should always be the priority. An e-bike with integrated front and rear lights make sure you can see and be seen day or night. or Other safety features to look for: Puncture-resistant tires that offer all-weather traction and reflective side strips to enhance visibility.


If you’ve ever tried to transport or store an e-bike in a tight space, you know how awkward and difficult it can be. E-bikes with quick folding handlebars and pedals, however, let you easily take your e-bike wherever adventure takes you.


No matter how much you spend on an electric bike, if it isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to enjoy riding it. Choose a bike with a comfortable seat and grips, so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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